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Sign up for Kaleidoscope!

Sign ups are open for the Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange!

Kaleidoscope is a multimedia fanwork exchange (fic, art, vids, graphics) hosted by [community profile] dark_agenda for rare chromatic source fandoms. 20th Century Boys was nominated this year, which means you can request and offer fanworks for it if you sign up.

For more information, see: Official Announcement, Policies and Procedures | Frequently Asked Questions

To sign up, see: Sign-ups Announcement and Instructions | Sign-up Form | Countdown Clock for Sign-up Period | Current Sign-ups | Eligible Fandoms and Characters

Sign-up date: 2011 September 26th to October 8th, 9 p.m. Pacific Time (U.S.A.).
Due date: 2011 November 12th, 9 p.m. Pacific Time (U.S.A.).
Posting date: 2011 November 19th Pacific Time (U.S.A.).

Thoughts on 'Monster'

Hey all. If you're fans of Urasawa's 'Monster' feel free to read my commentary on it here.

I'd love to discuss the series with anyone, as it's one of my favourites.

Drink up, baby

 Title: Drink up, baby
Fandom: Monster
Pairing: Eva/Martin

For the Darkship Prompt Meme (prefer_my_life )

(Fake cut to my journal)



I'm new to this community, so I'm not sure if it's ok to post this here. Anyway, I'd like to say I'm glad I've found this, because there are great things here^^
And I'd like to x-post something from my journal (is it fine?). A 20th Century Boys ficlet.

(Click Here)

Also, I have a question: can I post here some fics in Spanish, or it has to be in English?

[icons] 11 Monster icons

Vocaloid: 9
Shadow of the Colossus: 3
One Piece: 11

Monster: 11
Japanisches Kaiserreich Mitternacht Marine: 25
Howl's Moving Castle: 9
Neon Genesis Evangelion: 10
Cirque du Freak: 11

x-posted to vocaloid, sotcicons, onepiece_icons, urasawa_naoki, midnight_navy, ghibli, ngevangelion and the_cirque.

Crediting is appreciated.

here be iconsCollapse )


20 icons + 2 manga colorings

[20] 20th Century Boys
[02] 20th Century Boys manga colorings

here @ ohsnap_icons

New Community

Hey guys!

I don't know what the rules are for advertising communities so just delete if this isn't acceptable, k? =)

There's a new community centralizing around the twins of Monster: Johan and Anna Liebert.

You can either be a fan of them individually, as siblings, or twincestually (idk...gotta love crazy words).

The comm is a fanworks community so submit fanfics, art, icon, FSTs, suggestions, questions, or even just fangirl. It's all accepted/encouraged.

Breathing SinsCollapse )

We look forward to seeing you all there. Thanks!


x-posted to monster_closet , namelessmonster , and urasawa_naoki 

I Bring Icons! :)

Vampire Knight 46 icons

Monster 14 icons





Sharing Pluto icons

Hello, I'm new here although I've liked Urasawa's work for a long time! I have a few Pluto icons to share~

( Please follow the cut )
I always forget to post in the LJ communities when I update fic >.>

My Deathnote/Monster crossover fic, Past in Present has just recently been completed. Enjoy!